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Build your home

Step One

Initial meeting

This is our first opportunity to meet one another and get an understanding of your lifestyle needs, design concepts, and budget.

We will spend as much time as necessary answering your questions during this meeting. 

We believe that this is the most vital meeting of all of them because it sets the stage for all things to come. Our mission in every build is to be fully transparent about design, budget, and honest expectations about what to expect from our build. This occurs in at this stage.

Step Four


While the financial institution of your own choosing is performing their work leading up towards closing, we have a great window in finalizing selections. We are able to introduce you to designers we work with if you are need of direction at this stage. 

   During this stage we will have you meet with various vendors to begin making selections for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing, and much more. This is a stage where feedback from us becomes so important to ensure that budgets are being adhered to. We are involved at every step during this stage to advise, direct, or simply bounce ideas off of. 

Step Two

Site location

Once you have decided to move forward in the building process with Cornerstone we need to select your building site. For many, we will help select the site and provide guidance on how it impacts future design possibilities. For others, they will already have a site purchased. Regardless of where you are, we are able to come alongside you at this stage to help set the stage for the design phase.

Step Five

The Build

After financing has been approved we are able to begin moving dirt. This typically happens within thirty days from the date of closing. Once a pad is prepped we begin with surveys before moving into the rest of the build. 

   This stage generally will take nine months or less with a few exceptions. During the build process we will upload significant photos, videos, and other milestones to our building software. Beyond this, we will perform a walk through with the client after the framing is completed, again pre-drywall, and then once more during the final walk through. 

   Don’t be alarmed you will speak with us many more times than this throughout the life of your build. These are just a few of the very important steps during the build which require active participation. It is during this phase that you get the chance to ask questions, relay concerns, or identify changes that you want to make. 

Step Three

Design and Planning

After carefully selecting your desired location, we are ready to move into the design phase. This is where we want to see your Pinterest boards, Houzz inspirations, Instagram photos, or any other inspiration for your build. 

During this phase we will begin to develop, modify, or update your home plans to ensure they meet the needs of you and your family. We will also begin to lay the initial framework for your preferred finishes, design concepts, material selection, and all things mechanical considerations. 

Most importantly, this is when we are able to fine tune the budget to ensure that there are sufficient funds to meet your desired design specifications. Once all the parties agree, we are able to then move towards contract signing and work through the financing.

Step Six

Final walk-through

and occupancy


You made it through your build. During this final phase we will walk through your home with you to address items that need finishing, answer your questions, and discuss warranty information. 

    Once all of our finishing touches are completed, the home is ready for occupancy. Our next follow up will be one year from now to schedule a one year follow up to address all warranty related issues which occurred during your first year in the home. 

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